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Website Design Services

Getting noticed on the digital highway nowadays is crucial to staying competitive, Code Pilot specialises in websites that achieve results. Contact us today to get direction on how to improve your website.

Creative Websites

Creativity & web design go hand in hand, like coffee and web developers. We create award winning designs, & build them with precision programming, to create websites that get noticed and remembered. Say no to mediocre... and strange people, always to strange people.

Email Marketing

Modern day life requires modern day marketing. Email marketing has become the best way to reach a mass target audience. Stay in touch with customers, reach new customers, the sky is no longer the limit... With us, sometimes the universe no longer the limit.

Responsive Web

Responsive websites are the Romeo to the Juliet smart device. Your website should adapt for any device, allowing users to surf your website faster & easier. If you believe in love, then believe in responsive websites. Give Juliet her Romeo...

We turn your ideas into finished products

Code Pilot prides itself in helping customers evolve their ideas to reach new heights. We force feed our web developers & designers caffeine by the gallon, so they are itching to help you expand on your ideas... Call us to meet for coffee

Latest Website Development

We are proud to announce the launch of the Limecor website. This website was developed as a content management system, allowing the customer to update their own content. Pretty cool, right?

Other than the awesome, behind the scenes code, that would make your I.T guy drool, this site is beautifully designed by Nicole Hall.

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We build responsive,
mobile-friendly websites

Ever wondered why your competitor's website seems to be far easier to navigate when you visit them on your iPad or Smart Device? This is known as responsive website design / development. Target more users, and users on the go.

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Search engine optimisation / PPC advertisingWe offer search engine optimisation on all websites, whether we have developed it or not. Contact us to find out more about Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Search Engine Marketing, Optimisation and much more.

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