Website Development & Website Design

Websites in South Africa are crucially important now as we transition into faster and better internet infrastructure. South African websites are no longer basic contact pages, but have become information portals into your business. Giving potential customers crucial information about your offering and if your call to actions are good enough, converting them into loyal customers.

As South Africa’s internet infrastructure gets better, the way business will be conducted will change dramatically. For example, in the United Kingdom, many of the household name retail stores who did not get an online shop until it was too late, closed overnight. This was due to the customers’ purchasing behaviour changing from visiting retail stores in shopping centres, to purchasing online from the comfort of their own home. Websites are now as important to a business as accountants are. Combining a well designed and developed website with online marketing can mean the difference between a successful and a unsuccessful company. Contact Us to discuss your needs.

Top reasons for having a website for your business


Websites are used now to find contact details quickly and efficiently. Gone are the days of using phone books. Without a company website, your potential customers could be going to your competitor.

Expanding target audience

Websites reach millions of users every day. Can your company afford not to have a billboard on the digital highway?

Better Customer Service

Having the ability to chat live through your website, or allow users to submit complaints and compliments can mean the difference between retaining customer loyalty and losing it. If your company already offers the best customer service in the industry, then put yourself even further ahead with customer relations management on your website.

Competitors websites

Unfortunately going with a poorly designed or developed website will be detrimental to your company. First impressions last, and this is true with websites too. If your website looks unprofessional or does not function well, you will lose that customer.


Websites offer credibility to your company, as well as information about the company that would not normally be discussed.


Ecommerce is growing rapidly in South Africa, users are beginning to trust using their cards online and stores are providing them with secure platforms to do so. Ecommerce can be a fantastic way to reach out to a target audience your shop has been lacking. But ecommerce needs to be developed correctly and securely so your customers can trust your brand.