Responsive Website Design

Responsive website is a great way to inexpensively design and develop a website that will function well on mobile / smart devices.

What is Responsive Website Design?

Responsive website design & development, is the creation of a website that will automatically adjust itself to suit the user’s device. For example, if I visit a website using my laptop, the website would size itself accordingly, and I will see a desktop version of the website. If I visit the same website on my iPhone, it will adjust and collapse down to give a mobile user a better experience as well as far easier to navigate.

Why should your website be responsive?

More and more people are using smart devices to browse the internet worldwide, this obviously includes South Africa. As South Africa’s internet infrastructure gets better, the ability for users to surf websites from anywhere in the country gets easier. As this happens, it becomes more important that your website caters to these users. A normal website on a smart phone is incredibly difficult to navigate or get information, this results in users abandoning your website. Responsive websites prevent this from happening and allow users to seamlessly use your website on any device they choose.

How do search engines rank responsive websites?

Not only does CodePilot recommend responsive web design but so does Google! Google prefers responsive websites, because all the website’s content is based on one URL (The link of your website, example, which makes it easier and more streamlined to index and organise.

How difficult is it to manage?

Managing a responsive website is far easier than multiple versions of the site, because the website content is all in one. This makes initiating marketing campaigns and other campaigns far easier because you will only have to update one website to have all device versions updated.


Responsive website development is a great way to allow users to visit your website and easily navigate to the required information with much lower cost implications to mobile app development.