Email Marketing

Email marketing has now become an integral part of marketing for most business types. It is far more cost effective and in most cases, more effective than traditional forms of marketing.

CodePilot offers a full service with online and email marketing. We create your email campaign concept, design the email, develop and deploy. Once the sending of the email has completed, we provide a full report of how the campaign did, and if you have your website setup with Google Analytics, our reporting will include how much traffic it drove to your website over the coming days.

Top reasons to use email marketing in your business and the power of “@”

Reduce time to implement a campaign.

More traditional forms of marketing take time to setup and implement with multiple suppliers normally involved. Excluding the cost of the suppliers services, time is money as well, and print campaigns or direct telephone marketing take up valuable resources. Email marketing is far simpler and can give your company valuable insight into how your customers perceive your services. Creating branded templates and re-using these templates will reduce development time, and cost making the return on investment for email marketing far greater.

Personalised Marketing

Email marketing allows your company to reach your customers on a personal level. Adding in your customers name, or a product / service specific to them will increase sales and conversion. Completing this task with traditional forms of marketing can be extremely difficult, and costly but with email marketing it can be done with the click of a mouse.

Segmented or Customer specific marketing

Your email campaign can be segmented to become a very targeted campaign to increase conversion. For example if a customer was interested in a piece of furniture that was on show, you can now send them a targeted email campaign that includes that product and similar products with a message to complete the sale.

Increase communication intervals

With email campaigns, your company will be able to increase the frequency of communication. Whether it is a weekly news update, or a bi-weekly product update email, communication with customers is key.

Focus marketing messages

Find out what your customers want from your company. Knowledge is power, with email marketing your company can test different message to understand how your customers expect to be serviced.

Interlink campaigns online

Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and many more have now become daily names in the business world. Interlinking all of the social networks with your email campaigns, will drive higher traffic to your website. The ability to share information on the internet is what makes online marketing so unique. In no other place can a message spread as quickly.

Email campaign reporting

Quickly identify which of your customers are interested in different services, which customers need to be enticed back to being a loyal customer and which customer may have moved to a competitor. Reporting for email campaigns is what makes it so powerful. Understanding your customers and tracking sales, traffic and various other key goals will empower your company to increase its profit year on year.

Going Green!

Nowadays it is important to consider the environment, and with email marketing this helps to reduce paper demand which has an obvious knock-on effect.