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Search Engine Optimisation

More than likely you have heard the term Search Engine Optimisation referred to many times if you own or have owned a website. But what exactly does this term refer to other than a term geeks use to confuse people?

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO in short could be defined as the process of optimising your website to drive higher volumes of traffic to it. In other words it is the hocus pocus of driving potential customers to your website from search engines like Google or Yahoo. This is achieved in various different ways, including but not limited to; the way your content is written, structure of your website, the code behind the website, internal links, external links and backlinks. Now, if we haven’t lost you already to complete boredom, these are things you do not need to concern yourself with as we will complete the changes to your website to optimise it.

Is search engine optimisation expensive?

This question is a relative one, and can only be answered by the ROI or Return on Investment. Obviously increasing organic traffic to your website can be a time consuming task and require ongoing work, but if you are receiving higher traffic volumes, and converting that traffic into business, then the cost is worth it? CodePilot offers various different packages to suit your needs, if you have a strict budget, let us know and we will tailor make an SEO package to transform your website into a hub for your customers.

I have a website already, can it be optimised?

All websites can be optimised whether they are existing or still in development. With existing websites, there maybe some tweaking that needs to occur to get the structure of the website or content correct, but it is definitely possible and is something CodePilot completes on a daily basis.

Can I use Google Adwords?

Absolutely! Google Adwords is a PPC or Pay Per Click system that will help drive traffic to your website. It allows you to set a maximum amount you are willing to spend per click based on a daily or monthly budget, and will show these adverts to users who search for your service or product via Google. Awesome right? If you want to know more about Google Adwords you can read about it here.

Obviously Search Engine Optimisation is very complex, and we could discuss it all year, but we know it bores the majority of people so if you would like to discuss it further, give us a call